The fight for Chinky Park continues  – Councillor Margaret Astle

Last night I attended a Full Council meeting which took place at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council in the chambers at the Civic Offices.This was an important meeting for all democratically elected councillors.

Indeed, the meeting was so important that the public gallery was full to capacity with members of the public, who had braved the cold winter weather to listen to the debate. It’s not very often that the public gallery is full to capacity with members of the public.  

Why was last night’s meeting so important and why was there such a huge attendance by members of the public?

Quite simply, the Tory, Lib Dem, UKIP and some Independent councillors wished to force through land sales in area’s that are predominantly represented by Labour councillors.

I am deeply disappointed that political shenanigans took precedent over the wishes of the vast majority of residents who simply wishes to retain their green open spaces and children’s recreation area’s.

I currently represent the division of Newchapel, Kidsgrove and Ravenscliffe on Staffordshire county council and I represent the ward of Kidsgrove on Newcastle borough council.

Last night I personally delivered a petition to the full council.

A petition that has been signed by 843 residents who reside in the Kidsgrove, Newchapel and Ravenscliffe area’s.

I reiterated the wording of the petition and I also made an impassioned speech in the chambers as to the numerous reason’s as to why Chinky Park was vitally important to all the residents, children and teenagers. My Labour colleagues also provided factual information as to why we were against the sell-off of open green spaces and recreation area’s.  

Indeed the debate was quite passionate at times.

However, I must admit that I was not prepared for the catalogue of untruths that emitted from some of the Tory, Lib Dem and former UKIP councillors.  

I have been a Labour councillor for 20 years and I can honestly say that last night’s meeting was a complete and utter shambles. The diatribe that emitted from the Tory, Lib Dem and former UKIP councillors was truly disgraceful.  

Excuse, after excuse as to why they had voted to sell-off open green space and Chinky Park was in abundance. It was quite clear to my colleagues and I, and the members of the public that ‘some’ of these councillors were unfit to be voted in as councillors.

Councillor Marion Reddish who is a Lib Dem stated that Chinky Park, Kidsgrove was the number one site on her list to dispose of.


Councillor Marion Reddish represents the ward of Thistleberry . . .

You couldn’t make this up, could you?

It is my intention to provide Ruth’s excellent blog with a list of all the names of the councillors who voted to sell-off your open green spaces and recreation area’s.

In the meantime, the campaign to Save Chinky Park from the Tory/Lib Dem/UKIP sell-off continues and the petition is still open.

Can you please take one moment of your time and sign the petition?





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