About me

Who am I?

Proud daughter of a Geordie miner, taken from us far too soon at the age of 49, and a wonderful mum, sadly taken a few short years ago. I’ve an older brother who (not wanting to upset mum) didn’t join the Army, but joined the Navy (mum worried he’d be sent to Northern Ireland) and promptly got sent to Northern Ireland. Served in the Falkland War and is one of my heroes.

I’ve an older sister, well established in her own consultancy firm, and my beautiful, dear younger sister sadly passed away earlier this year.

I’ve six children, five boys and a beautiful, caring daughter, currently taking her GCSE’s, firmly committed to achieving her dreams, ready to start college and decided which University she is attending. My three older boys are all working and the two youngest are at high school. I continue to be in awe of my beautiful, mad, loveable family who have supported me throughout my choices.

I loved school, although I struggled in my final year as my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but I returned to college a number of years later and took my maths exam ( I’d missed the second part of it due to my dad) along with a number of other exams and started my degree the following year. After years in an abusive relationship I completed my degree as a single mum who worked part time. 

I’ve had a fairly eclectic work background, working in regeneration, mental health and race equality. Alongside being a City councillor since 2010. 

I look forward to the challenges ahead, whatever they may be.

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