The implications of the budget cuts and our Children’s Centres and Cooperative Working.

There’s a real need for people to see the way the coalition are trying to decimate the services within our Children’s Centres. This saving is going to affect most of the children and families that have contact with our Children’s Centres. 

In many ways, the budget lines are confusing by linking the children’s centre posts to those of cooperative working, but be under no illusion, staff that we have been accustomed to seeing in our children’s centres are being threatened with their posts being deleted. Some of the posts below are from the cooperative working division, but are linked.
Cooperative Working was meant to be a flagship for our council, bringing partners and teams within the council together to assist families with multiple issues before they hit crisis point and therefore reducing the overall costs to our social care department, this team is likewise taking a massive reduction in staff.

Let’s not forget these ‘deleted posts’ are people’s livelihood, jobs that are keeping homes running, feeding families and helping the local economies.

Proposals in tiers 3 and 4:- there are currently 11 posts, these are being rebranded and 5 posts will be created.           Proposals in tier 5:- 14 posts are being deleted and 3 posts will be created

11 Senior Play and Learn Practitioners post will be deleted, 1 Senior Play and Learn Practitioner post will remain. 
33.69 Play and Learn Practitioners posts will be deleted 9 Play and Learn Practitioners will remain                                                 9 Community and Economic Development Officer posts will be deleted

4.62 Youth Development Worker posts will be deleted 5 posts will remain
0.5 Youth Support Assistant post will be deleted.                                                                                                                                Sessional Youth Workers will transfer to Homes and Communities 

Integrated Family Intervention Services will have 14 posts deleted with 10 remaining and being re-designated and relocated to Homes and Communities. 
3 Educational Welfare posts and an Educational Welfare Administrator post will be deleted and the remaining 9 Educational Welfare Officer roles will be relocated to Learning Services.
1 ASB officer post will be deleted and the remaining 5 ASB posts will again be relocated to Learning Services.

The questions we need answered are:-
1. What services will remain in our centres, when so many positions are under threat

2. If as the budget book states they are looking at saving £1 million per year for the next 3 years, how long will it be before one of the Children’s Centre is closed permanently?

3. We need to understand the clawback on all Children’s Centre’s under threat of being ‘relocated’. Relocation will mean buildings possibly being empty with associated costs.

4. What ‘alternative’ roles/positions are going to be on offer to the employees under threat of losing their jobs? 

5. Are these roles going to be the care provider roles that it’s taken 12 months to fill just 22 vacancies?